Recovery for Difficult Births

This program is designed for you if you have experienced any or all of the following:

  • Induction
  • Augmentation
  • Epidural
  • Forceps
  • Vacuum
  • Cesarean
  • Separation after birth

Birth Recovery for You, Mom

It is also for you, the mother, if you are left with any of these:

  • Ongoing pain
  • Challenges breastfeeding
  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • Feeling like birth isn’t finished
  • Feeling traumatized or that you have “birth-trauma”
  • Reliving your birth over and over again
  • Feeling cut-off from others
  • Not feeling close to your baby
  • Ongoing sadness
  • The feeling like something “isn’t right”

Birth Recovery for Your Baby

This program is also for you if your baby:

  • Has challenges latching/staying on your breast
  • Has challenges sleeping
  • Is inconsolable
  • Is colicky
  • Seems tense
  • Lacks muscle tone
  • Sleeps all the time
  • Not gaining weight
  • Looking elsewhere than in your or your partner’s eyes
  • Is in the NICU or has spent time in the NICU
  • Is experiencing postural challenges
  • Has marks or bruising after birth
  • Is or was jaundiced

A Recovery Program Specifically Designed for Difficult Births

Although this program could also be very beneficial after any birth, it is truly designed to meet the unique needs of families who would describe their birth as ┬áhaving been “challenging” or “traumatic”. Back to Top