Birth Healing: A 4- week guide to healing from your birth experience

welcome to the secret life of babies program.  here you’ll discover what the four weeks look like, what kind of time requirements the program asks of you what you’ll need to begin healing your’s and your baby’s birth.  After years of working with families after traumatic births, i’ve compiled an experience that most closely resembles what private sessions with me would look like.  The program not only helps you heal your body and emotions, and your baby’s, but also builds support around you in the form of community by bringing a supporter or listener to be wtih you during parts of the program.  Come have a look.

“Mia is a beautiful soul who gently takes moms and babies through a process to heal their birth experiences. Mia gives me the tools to help me process my birth and taught me how to help my baby process his unique experience too.” New Mother


Let’s Get Started

WEEK ONE: OVERVIEW                                                                                                                                                                              

Week ONE Birth Healing Program Details

Your birth recovery program arrives in your inbox the day you register.  You’ll pick a day to meet with a trusted person who will become your “supporter” or “listener”: A friend, a relative, or someone you’re just getting to know, someone other than your partner.  Once you get together, you can begin watching week one’s five videos.  Week one teaches you almost everything you’ll need to know for the whole four weeks, including instructions for how to use “The Three Verbal Tools”, the central tool I use in my birth trauma recovery practice for parents and babies. You’ll also hear my talk, “Babies Remember Their Experiences”, taken from my book, The Secret Life of Babies. After you’re finished watching week one’s videos and have done your first session with your supporter, you can download your birth healing journal, complete with beautiful art and quotes for your birth recovery.  If you cannot find a supporter, consider taking the program to a community center and seeing if other mothers or community members would like to do the program with you. Plan for two hours with your supporter this first week and up to another one or two hours during the week to do exercizes with your baby and for working in your journal.  Time: Approximately 3-4 hours this week total.


  • Find your “supporter” or “listener”
  • Watch week one’s videos together
  • Learn to use “The Three Verbal Tools”
  • Download and use your journal
  • Week One’s Talk: “Babies Remember Their Experiences.


WEEK TWO: OVERVIEW                                                                                                                                                                                 


Week two has you deepening your healing during your second session with your “supporter” or “listener”.  You’ll find you’re even more comfortable using “The Three Verbal Tools”.  You’ll likely discover feelings you’ve been holding that you didn’t even know were there.  After you’re done your session with your supporter, which might be an hour, you can leisurely explore the questions in your beautiful journal over the course of the week and practice using “The Three Verbal Tools” with your baby.  “Play and Nurse for Healing”, a new video, teaches you an excellent game for your baby’s recovery and development that can be played with anyone, even your partner or older children. Week Two’s Talk is called: Consciousness Precedes Brain Architecture.  Total time this week: Approximately 1.5-2.5 hours.


  • Your second session with your supporter or listener.
  • Watch your new video “Play and Nurse for Healing”.
  • Continue following your guided birth recovery journal.
  • Week Two’s Talk: “Consciousness Precedes Brain Architecture”

WEEK THREE: OVERVIEW                                                                                                                                                                           


Week three has you well into your birth recovery healing journey.  You’ll meet with your “supporter” or “listener” for the third time and continue on together as you have in weeks one and two.  This week’s talk is called, “Babies Are Barometers”.  The journal takes into consideration the very special place you are at in your healing and continues as a companion to healing your birth trauma. Total time this week: Approximately 2 hours


  • Your third session with your “supporter” or “listener”.
  • Continue following in your guided birth recovery journal.
  • Week’s Three’s Talk: “Babies Are Barometers.

WEEK FOUR: OVERVIEW                                                                                                                                                                            


Your last week with the program is one of the most important weeks.  This week, you’ll receive videos that in an easy-to-understand way show how each birth intervention: Induction, Epidural, Augmentation, Forceps, Vacuum, Cesarean, as well as being separated after birth, affect you and your baby.  The information includes both the  psychological and physical effects you and your baby will have. From there, you can recognize what your baby remembers from your birth and make specific actions and use specific words to help them recover even more.   The journal guides you through your final week in the program and will have become a beautiful compilation of healing your birth trauma.  This week’s fourth and final talk is called, “It’s Never Too Late to Heal”.  Feel free to take longer than the scheduled four weeks to complete your sessions and journal time.  The flexibility of the program is designed to support you.  Total time this week: Approximately 3-5 hours. l.


  • Your fourth and final session with your “supporter” or “listener”.
  • Six new videos explaining the “signature” psychological and physical effects each birth intervention leaves on your and your baby and what you can do about it.
  • Complete your exploration in your journal.
  • Week Four’s Talk, “It’s Never Too Late to Heal”.