Birth Trauma: What you and your baby have been through and what you’re left with.

60-80% of women report their birth was “challenging” or “traumatic”.  You are not alone and the way you’re feeling may not be because of you.  This program is based on years of birth therapy working with mothers and babies, helping them heal the physical and emotional challenges traumatic births leaves them with.

“The Secret Life of Babies program was pivotal in helping me process the stress and negative feelings that remained after my birth experience. It has allowed me to carry forward the positives and leave some of the negatives behind; accepting that they happened, but not carrying them as such a burden anymore. Thank you Mia!”


You may have experienced the following during birth and are looking for birth recovery support:

  • Induction,
  • Epidural,
  • Augmentation,
  • Forceps,
  • Vacuum,
  • Cesarean,
  • Separation after birth,
  • Transfer to hospital,
  • or an overwhelming experience birthing at home.


You also might have had or be feeling:

  • Hemorrhaging,
  • Ongoing pain,
  • Anxiety,
  • Depression,
  • Birth PTSD,
  • That birth isn’t finished,
  • That you have “birth-trauma”,
  • Reliving parts of birth over and over again,
  • Feeling distant from others or your baby,
  • Ongoing sadness or numbness,
  • Like something “isn’t right”.


Your baby may have or be:

  • Forceps marks.
  • Vacuum ring,
  • Leaning to one side,
  • Recovering from the NICU,
  • Overly folded in arms and legs,
  • Inconsolable,
  • Flaccid or “floppy”,
  • Experiencing challenges sleeping, latching or nursing,
  • Looking away, avoiding eye contact,
  • Had surgery,
  • “Colicky”,
  • Been born prematurely.

No medical referral is necessary to use this program, but it is recommended that you consult any or all of your Doctor, Midwife, Counsellor, Psychologist, Pediatrician, Craniosacral Therapist, and/or Osteopath in combination with your use of the birth recovery program.