Up to 60-80% of women report their birth was “challenging” or “traumatic.

You are not alone. This program is designed for mothers and babies who have had one or more of induction, epidural, augmentation, forceps, vacuum, cesarean, or a separation after birth. The program also supports your baby’s recovery and development. Healing your body and emotions, helping your baby, deepening the bond between you, and building a supportive atmosphere for the rest of your lives are the goals of these four weeks.

Although this program is beneficial after any birth, it is truly designed to meet the unique needs of families who would describe their birth or time after birth as having been “challenging” or “traumatic”.

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This program is designed for a variety of birthing experiences for both you, the mother, and your baby.

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This program is developed over 4 weeks, with simple instructions provided through weekly emails.

Learn the detailed breakdown of what you’ll learn and experience each week.


Once you’ve completed this program, you will have healed from your birth, your bond with your baby will be enhanced, and you will be welcomed into the Mother’s Circle.

Learn more about who you’ll be once you’ve finished this program.