About Dr. Mia Kalef

Dr. Mia Kalef is the director of Emerging Families, a center for therapy, research, and education for the prenatala and perinatal period in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. She has worked with hundreds of families helping them resolve the effects that challenging birth experiences have had on their families’ health. She is a board certified Chiropractor in Canada and the United States, and is a Craniosacral Therapy practitioner of 15 years in both the structural and biodynamic models. She is a student of Raymond Castellino, DC, prenatal and perinatal therapy and birth recovery therapy. Mia is a lifetime member of the Association of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health and the author of The Secret Life of Babies: How Decoding the Cultures of Birth, Love, and Violence Begins with Recovering the People We Once Were.